Performance Appraisal Surveys

Performance Appraisal Surveys

Our survey helps you evaluate and improve employee performance while building engagement and retention.

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A Performance Appraisal Survey measures employee performance and quantifieshis or her contribution to the job, the team and the organization by surveying supervisors and other team members.

Performance appraisal (or performance review) provides an opportunity for employees and managers to discuss job expectations, performance and development.This dialogue results in improved employee satisfaction and retention.

The Value of Performance Appraisal Surveys

Expertly researched and designed, SoGoSurvey’s Performance Appraisal Survey helps to identify key employee strengths and weaknesses. The Survey also highlights competencies, as well as areas for improvement and development. This helps managers, employees and customers to gain a mutual understanding of what they mean by "good performance."

Why Use SoGoSurvey’s Performance Appraisal Survey?
  • Provides input to employees on how to be more effective on the job
  • Builds trust and respect among co-workers
  • Helps to introduce new ideas and develop solutions to problems
  • Identifies development needs for skills and knowledge that will promote career growth
  • Supports decision-making relative to promotions, job duties and assignments.

SoGoSurvey’s Performance Appraisal Survey is a perfect solution that provides robust and reliable feedback regarding an individual employee's performance. Our online survey tool offers sophisticated analysis and features that help managers to design and implement training programs that truly reflect the development and other needs highlighted by the appraisal process.

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