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SoGoSurvey works without boundaries. You can reach your participants anywhere and still track their responses.

Reach your widest possible audience to ensure the highest response rates.

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Publish your surveys via email, social media and SMS.
Different Ways to Launch a Survey >>

Embedded Survey

Place your survey directly onto a website or blog.

Website Feedback Survey

Create a popup survey for people who visit your webpage.

Give your survey invitations a much-needed personal touch.

Customized Invitations and Reminders

Create personalized messages by customizing subject lines, languages and look and feel. Handle HTML and plain text emails with ease.

Test Invites

Preview your survey to make sure every detail is correct.

Chain Invites

Allow your respondents to send your invitation to their friends and contacts.

Track who’s taking your survey to eliminate fatigue and create valuable databases.

Distribution Report

Track email invitations and see respondent details ̶ not just who completed the survey, but who read the email and partially participated. See how many people did not receive your invitation due to bounce back.

Touch Rules

Prevent survey fatigue by filtering out your most recent survey participants. Don’t send too many survey invitations within a short period of time.

List Manager

Complete list management software is built into SoGoSurvey. Create and store participant lists for future use. SoGoSurvey also grades the quality of your list by tracking the delivery rate of the emails on the list.

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