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Advance Survey Question Types

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Advance Survey Question Types

SoGoSurvey offers more than 15 ready-to-go survey question types to ensure you get the right data. These include basic question types such as radio buttons, check boxes, and text boxes, as well as advanced survey question types such as:

  • Matrix Grid – Group related questions into a grid format using multiple question types.
  • Intellimatrix – Set conditions so that certain questions become activated or inactivated within a matrix grid
  • Rating Scale – Assign weights to answer options so that the value of each response is averaged in the survey report
  • Demographic Text Boxes – Pre-formatted fields that automatically validate the data received, such as email address, social security number, zip code, and phone number
  • Attachment – Upload files such as resumes

Advanced question types like the matrix grid combine multiple question types such as drop downs, rating scales, and text boxes. This economizes space on the survey page and gives the perception of a shorter survey. And shorter surveys mean more responses.

Advanced question types are also ideal for answering more complex questions. However, they are just as easy to create as basic question types. And SoGoSurvey provides question type samples that you can view while creating your question. You can also deposit questions you create in the Question Bank, so they can be re-used for future surveys.

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