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Anonymous Survey Tool

Do you need to promise respondents that their feedback are anonymous? SoGoSurvey helps you create anonymous survey with ease

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Anonymous Survey Tool

Do you need to promise respondents that their feedback are anonymous? SoGoSurvey helps you create anonymous survey with ease

Guaranteed Anonymity

SoGoSurvey lets you conduct a survey completely anonymously, wherein administrators can never link participants to responses. This ensures honest answers, encourages higher response rates, and yields better data integrity.

In some circumstances, it’s important to ensure that respondents’ answers are truly anonymous. Two common reasons you might need this feature are:

  • To comply with governmental or industry regulations. For example, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has privacy recommendations regarding Internet research and human subjects, and HIPAA defines 18 specific identifiers for personal health information (PHI).
  • To earn respondent trust. You may want to reassure respondents that they can freely express themselves (such as a corporate HR department asking for input about a touchy subject). Anonymous surveys help protect employees, making them comfortable to share their true thoughts without needing to “play politics” or “save face.” As a result, you get more candid and thus useful data.

For more about the circumstances in which anonymity matters, see When to Make a Survey Anonymous.

To make a survey anonymous in SoGoSurvey, all you need to do is click on a single checkbox in the Settings page of the survey design module. (This feature is available in the Pro package and above.) When respondents get the survey, a link at the bottom of the page displays, “This is a SoGoSurvey Anonymous Survey,” to make them aware of its status.

It’s important to distinguish among privacy, confidentiality, and anonymity. Data privacy and confidentiality usually speaks more to your ethical behavior than to technology. That is, if you say the results are confidential, you collect and store the personally identifying data, but it is private only because you solemnly promise the respondent that you will not peek at it.

When a survey is truly is anonymous, the party administering the survey cannot link an individual respondent to a particular response based on the invitee’s email address, login, or IP address. In essence, there is no electronic trace to link any response to an individual. (In fact, even SoGoSurvey cannot discover the identity of the respondent.) The only information that can be viewed is the information provided in the survey.

Anonymous surveys may still benefit from the SoGoSurvey feature that sends an email reminder to people who have not yet responded to the survey invitation. The survey engine works without identifying the reminders’ recipients. The survey Administrator never has access to this information.

Don’t make surveys anonymous by default, though. They’re excellent in some circumstances but not in others. For instance, in the context of litigation-related surveys, legal staff sometimes need to validate results. Or, a general marketing feedback survey (which is unlikely to include private data) might give you surprising information, and it’d be nice to know from which region that trend emanated. (Is the sharp uptick in product dissatisfaction only from European customers? Perhaps that means a quality control issue that should be investigated.)

But when you need true survey anonymity: The feature is there. And it goes far beyond the basics.

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