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Answer Sequencing Option to Avoid Survey Bias

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Answer Sequencing Option to Avoid Survey Bias

Answer Sequence

With SoGoSurvey, you can automatically display your answer options in a new order each time a participant accesses your survey. This prevents the survey bias that can occur when the first or last answer is chosen most frequently.

  • Eliminate survey bias by changing the order of your answers
  • Rotate, randomize or alphabetize your answer options

Using the rotate or randomize options can minimize two common and well-known survey biases that occur when respondents choose the last answer (regency) or the first answer (primacy) from the list of answer options. Alphabetizing provides an organized display of answer options that can reduce confusion for participants.

Intelligent features like Answer Sequence ensure you get the highest quality data on which to base your findings.

Feature Tags: Randomize answer choices, sort answer choices, Option Randomization, Shuffle order of answer options


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