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Create & Design a Survey with Ease

SoGoSurvey gives you everything you need to create & design engaging, relevant and intelligent surveys.

Design Online Surveys with Ease

SoGoSurvey gives you everything you need to make an engaging, relevant and intelligent survey.

SoGoSurvey has every possible question type so you can collect the data you need.

Survey Question Types
Advanced Question Types

Use advanced question types and multimedia files to efficiently ask complex questions.

Survey Bank

Choose from a wide variety of professionally designed surveys.

Multilingual Surveys

Create surveys and invites in multiple languages, but only collect and analyze the data once.

Survey Question Types

Brand your surveys with your company logo and customized layout.

Brand Your Survey Brand Your Survey Brand Your Survey Brand Your Survey
Customized Look and Feel

Use simple drop-down menus and our built-in CSS editor to match your survey’s style, color, text, font and logo options to your company’s brand guidelines.

Pre-designed Templates

Choose from one of our many pre-designed survey templates, or create and save your own for later use.

Advanced Survey Layout

SoGoSurvey doesn’t limit you to rigid, unappealing survey layouts. Flex your creativity by using a multiple column format to design a more appealing survey.

Brand Your Survey

Create short, relevant surveys.


Take a respondent's answer and link it to subsequent questions.

Question Display Logic

Display or hide questions based on a respondent's previous answers.

Advanced Branching

Unlike other survey tools, SoGoSurvey routes respondents around irrelevant questions based on their previous responses using "and/or" logic.

Create Surveys

Create intelligent surveys.

Rules and Alerts
Rules & Alerts

Take immediate action by setting specific conditions within your survey and receiving instant alerts when those conditions are met.

Rules and Alerts
Quota Management
Quota Management

Manage your events with efficiency and ease by setting parameters and automatically retiring answer options once you’ve received a predetermined number of responses.

Quota Management

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