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Show Real-Time Survey Response Graph

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Show Real-Time Survey Response Graph

Show Real-Time Survey Responses

With SoGoSurvey’s advanced features like Show Real-Time Survey Responses, you can add a Bar Graph Report to the survey Thank You Message that shows ― in real time ― how other people responded to questions in the survey.

  • Share real-time results of survey responses
  • Encourage future survey participation
  • Ideal for short, simple surveys with close-ended questions

Show Real-Time Survey Responses is a delightful, advanced feature your participants will enjoy that analyses data in real time. This feature includes a bar graph report in your survey’s Thank You Message that appears upon completion of your survey. It shows an aggregate measurement of answers to your survey questions in real time. This means that the bar graph will include all the answers received at the time the Thank You Message appears.

Show Real-Time Survey Responses allows you to share survey results with your participants. It helps to build relationships and encourage future survey participation.

Feature Tags: Show result post participation, Display responses after completing survey, Display cumulative bar chart post-completion, Instant Report on survey submission


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