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Send Survey Response Alerts

SoGoSurvey can send an email alert when survey criteria are met.

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Send Survey Response Alerts

SoGoSurvey can send an email alert when survey criteria are met.

Rules and Alerts

In some circumstances, it’s okay to wait until a survey is complete before you dedicate attention to evaluating the results. But in some situations, it’s important to know about a survey’s progress towards a goal, or to look at a respondent’s answers. SoGoSurvey’s “rules and alerts” feature, included in SoGoSurvey Pro and SoGoSurvey Enterprise, provides several ways to track these situations and to report the status immediately, with deeply powerful, customizable controls.

Among the reasons you might want to use this feature:

  • You want to know when survey data crosses some threshold, such as “200 responses from the 18-24 age range” or “200 responses.”
  • It’s important to keep tabs on the number of responses submitted, particularly for a large study wherein you need to ensure data continues to be gathered.
  • A respondent’s answer to the survey raises a (human) alert suggesting you take action, such as a negative rating on a feedback survey.

SoGoSurvey makes it easy to send an email alert in any of these circumstances. There’s only two basic steps:

  • You set a rule based on the answer to a question or to a set of questions, or to an event that occurs in the survey.
  • You establish an email alert for SoGoSurvey to send when that criteria is met.

You can choose rules based on three criteria types:

  • When a survey is completed.
  • When a data threshold is met.
  • When a survey response meets a condition.

Is that enough background? If you like, you can get started now. Otherwise, take a look at this overview of how “Rules and Alerts” works.

Rules and Alerts, Step by Step

Before you set up Rules and Alerts, finish your survey design. You can edit the survey afterwards, before deployment, but this is the usual workflow.

From the Survey Design page, select the survey, and choose Rules and Alerts, which is displayed at the top right.

Name the rule and give it a description.

An email alert is set when one of three conditions is met.

A survey is completed.

With this option chosen, the alert triggers whenever a respondent clicks “Submit.”

Setting an alert on survey completion is a good way to keep tabs on project progress without you having to log in to discover, “Did we get any more responses today? Huh? Huh?” Because you can control when the alert is sent (e.g. immediately, daily, weekly, and so on), you know what’s going on at a cadence that makes sense for you. The feature is especially powerful given that you can attach always-up-to-date reports showing the results-so-far.

Another way to use this kind of alert is with an ongoing survey that gets input erratically. For example, you can set up a job application form using SoGoSurvey; when someone applies for an open position, the HR administrator is notified – including, optionally, the entire survey (job application) the candidate submitted. If you ask journalists to fill out a contact request, that information can be emailed immediately to the PR team.

A data threshold is met.

In this case, an email alert is set when the number of surveys submitted reaches or exceeds a number you set.

A survey response meets a condition.

The third – and arguably most powerful – way to trigger an email alert is based on a respondent’s survey answers. In this case, you choose the question of interest, and identify the answer or answers that tell SoGoSurvey to generate an alert.

In this case, the alert can let you know when something has gone wrong (a customer gives your product a bad review), when something has gone according to plan (a job applicant clicks on the checkbox that is aligned with the candidate-of-your-dreams), or simply an action should be taken based on the response (such as a customer asking for a return authorization on a product under warrantee).

Whichever type of rule you choose, the email can be sent to any of several recipients, including:

  • the recipient himself
  • a manual list of email IDs, separated by commas
  • a pre-created SoGoSurvey email list you store in the Contact Manager
  • an email ID that is included in the survey

You can – and should – customize the email text to reflect the specific rule that was invoked. Data from the survey response can be piped into the email.

The alert email also can include a report. This may be the full survey response (just the one record, or it may be a report you pre-created that is associated with this survey (such as a bar chart report… or really, any of our powerful reports that you customize).

You can schedule when the email is sent out – everything from “immediately” to a weekly schedule. This prevents the recipients from getting email fatigue, wherein so many messages are sent that no one takes time to read the report.

SoGoSurvey does more than send a quick notice that a survey response is received. You have vast control over what is sent, when, and to whom.

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