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Survey Distribution Methods

Increase participation and maintain data integrity.

Publish via Email

Single-Use Link

A survey link that can be used only once

Chain Invites

Leverage your respondents' networks by allowing them to invite new participants

Multi-Use Link

A survey link that can be distributed and used multiple times

Publish on Social Media

SoGoSurvey is fully integrated with your social media channels

From your SoGoSurvey account, publish directly to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+

Understand the virality of social media reach

SoGoSurvey gives you participation details from each of your social media channels.

Publish on Websites

Put a multi-use link on your website or blog

Create a multiuse link for your website so you can analyze your data

Embed surveys on your website

Brand your survey by merging it with your website

Embed survey invitations on your website

Integrate survey invitation as a pop-up directly on your website.

Publish Offline

Use Survey Access Codes to invite participants to your survey site

No email, no problem

  • Participants can still take your survey

Launch your survey. Watch participation rates soar.

Launch a survey provides you multiple avenues to expand your outreach, while maintaining the integrity of the data. We have covered every angle:

Easy to use wizard
  • Makes you an instant expert
  • Eliminates GIGO, or Garbage In, Garbage Out
Smooth flow of data
  • A data repository that allows you to track data
  • Accurate and actionable report results
Higher response rates
  • Variety of ways to distribute surveys
  • Easily learn which avenues produce the highest response rates

Reach out with a whole, new survey experience.

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