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Multiple Options for Survey Participation

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Multiple Options for Survey Participation

Advanced Customization

With SoGoSurvey’s Advanced Customization feature, you can give participants several options for accessing the survey from the email invitation:

  • Simple link to click on
  • URL to copy/paste
  • Unique key

Survey participation is critical to your survey success. Advanced Customization helps you capture the most survey participants by giving them options for accessing your survey. When you design your invitation, you can send participants directly to your survey with one click on a link or they can cut and paste your survey’s URL into their browser. The third option is a unique key (think of it as a password or login I.D.) and a link which takes them to your survey’s login page. The unique key is a valuable tool to prevent a participant from taking your survey more than once.

Advanced Customization to boost survey participation is another smart, flexible design feature from SoGoSurvey that isn’t offered by the majority of other survey tools. That’s why so many people switch to SoGoSurvey.

Feature Tags: Match survey template to website, Customized themes


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