Free Annual Student License

Free Survey Software for Students

A Free Annual Student License offers the same features as those in our Plus paid plan, such as advanced question types, piping, and advanced reports. To see the complete list of features in each package, see the Feature Comparison List.

To get your Free Annual Student License

  1. Sign Up for your Free SoGoSurvey Account with your student email address
  2. Give SoGoSurvey a try. If you’re happy, "Like" us on Facebook and leave a comment about your experience or your favorite feature.
  3. Write an article about SoGoSurvey with a link pointing to our website and post it on your blog or any other online forum
  4. Email your request to

Within 24 hours of reviewing your e-mail, we will determine your eligibility and upgrade you to a Free Annual Student License. If you can’t meet the requirements for a Free Annual Student License, see below for details on a Discounted Student License.

What to include in your e-mail:

When sending an e-mail to, please include the following information:

  1. Username of your SoGoSurvey account.
  2. Your Facebook account name from which you liked and commented on our page.
  3. The URL of the blog/article that you have written about SoGoSurvey.

How to Cite SoGoSurvey?

Do give SoGoSurvey its due credit by citing it in your thesis, paper, blog, and other publications. Follow the style manual or guide recommended by your organization or school to format information.

A SoGoSurvey reference must contain the following:

  1. Name: SoGoSurvey Inc.
  2. Location: Herndon, VA, USA
  3. Website:

In cases where the survey discussed is not created by you, ask for consent from the person who created the survey and provide reference.

Note: All the content and designs on the SoGoSurvey website are protected by copyright.

How to Renew

The license is for a one year period. To renew:

  1. Write a new comment on our Facebook page about your experience with SoGoSurvey or your favorite feature
  2. Write an article about SoGoSurvey and post it on your blog or any other online forum
  3. Email your renewal request, including the link to your article, to

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