10 Key Things to Consider Before Creating Surveys

Crafting effective surveys can be a bit complicated but it’s not rocket science for sure. Just keep the following pointers in mind while creating surveys:

Creating Surveys


    1. Be clear about your survey goal. This will help you to determine your audience and come up with relevant questions.


    1. Use simple language that can be easily understood by participants of all backgrounds.


    1. Make sure your questions and answers are short and clear.


    1. Use acronyms only if you’re sure that your audience will understand them.


    1. Avoid over surveying your participants. Instead, try and gather enough information in the first go. Over-surveying causes survey fatigue which leads to low response rate.


    1. An ideal survey should contain mostly close-ended questions along with a couple of open-ended ones.


    1. Use of double-negatives in questions can confuse participants who can misinterpret your questions.


    1. Ensure that you’ve set all important questions as mandatory.


    1. Providing a ‘not applicable’ answer option will help you gather accurate data.


    1. Use a five-point scale rather than a four-point one; the latter does not offer a neutral answer choice.