3 Things Surveys Have in Common with Halloween

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Halloween is right around the corner but you don’t need to cast a magic spell over your survey to guarantee its success! With SoGoSurvey, we’ve perfected a secret potion that will make your next survey boo-tiful.


Here are three ways surveys are just like Halloween:

1. Preparation

With spending expected to top $9 billion this year, it’s apparent that a lot of preparation goes into Halloween festivities. You have to pick the perfect costume and decide which type of candy you’re handing out, maybe you’ll decorate or even have a party. It’s a lot of work, but with a little hocus pocus you can pull off a fun and successful season.

Similarly, surveys also require organization and careful planning. When you use our platform to create surveys, you’ll have everything you need, including a wide selection of question types, advanced options for customization, and numerous settings choices to ensure everything works exactly the way you want. The design tab is the closest thing to waving a magic wand over your survey! Watch how easy it is to create your first online survey.


2. Participation

Launching a survey can feel just as scary as stepping out in your costume to go trick-or-treating. You’re wondering Will people like my costume? Will they know what I’m supposed to be?

It’s very similar to thinking Will my survey be a success? Will people respond?

Technology alone does not make a better survey, but you can definitely use advanced features to your advantage. For example, some participants get nervous answering questions or providing sensitive information, so keep participants’ experience and perceptions in mind when designing your survey. You could ease some of those concerns by making your survey anonymous. Allowing participants to answer anonymously is like giving them a Halloween mask to slip on and protect their identity. For additional tips on how to boost survey participation, click here.


3. Reporting

Survey response data is like your bag of candy at the end of the night – but is it full of tricks or treats? When you were running door to door and your bag was filling up, you might have had a sense of what you were collecting, but wasn’t until you got home and poured out your collection that you fully knew what you had. The same is true for surveys. You launch your survey and responses start to come back. Maybe you’re spot checking some data as it comes in, but it’s not until the survey is done and you run your reports that you will see the full results.

The same platform that you used to create and distribute your survey can run the reports you need, too. With SoGoSurvey, beautifully crafted reports are the equivalent to the bag of candy at the end of the night. It’s what you’ve worked for so hard – and now it’s time to enjoy!