360 Degree Feedback Surveys


360 Degree Feedback Surveys are a powerful tool for employees to receive anonymous performance feedback from managers, peers and direct reports, focusing on both strengths and weaknesses. Employees may also complete a self-evaluation with this type of survey.

It is difficult, however, to properly structure a 360 feedback process that creates an atmosphere of trust when you use it to measure performance. It’s crucial, therefore, to ensure you’re conducting these surveys with the right goals in mind.

Effective measurements of 360 Feedback Surveys:

  • Behaviors and competencies.
  • Co-workers’ perceptions of  an employee.
  • Skill competencies  such as listening, planning and goal-setting.
  • Subjective areas such as teamwork, character and leadership effectiveness.

360 Feedback Surveys are not appropriate for:

  • Measuring employee performance objectives.
  • Determining whether an employee is meeting basic job requirements.
  • Measuring strictly objective areas such as attendance, sales quotas, etc.
  • Focusing on job-specific skills or basic technical skills.