4 Reasons Why You Need Better Branding

A strong brand identity is a critical part of running a successful business, leading companies to spend major dollars on logos, advertising, focus groups, and other marketing activities. But you need a balance — branding should be a consistent part of all of your strategic marketing activities, yet subtle enough that it doesn’t turn consumers off. This isn’t news to you — you’ve probably worked hard to build up your brand’s identity. So, why not put that work to use in your next survey? Here are our top four reasons why branding is key in your next survey.


1. Grows Recognition

One aspect of branding is having a logo that is memorable and represents what your company stands for. A simple, yet recognizable logo is a powerful shortcut that helps people identify and remember your brand. Just think about how quickly you can identify a Nike “swoosh” or how your kids can spot McDonald’s “golden arches” a mile away!


Survey-spin: With SoGoSurvey, you can add your logo in surveys, invitation emails, and while sharing reports. When a participant receives a survey with your logo, they will recognize it’s you and make the connection. Why stop at logos? Ensure customers see the real you by adding custom colors, fonts, and images to reflect your unique style.


2. Builds Trust

A positive experience or association with a brand grows loyalty, whether customers are receiving good news or support through a challenge. Over time, use of a strong, well-defined brand throughout these interactions builds customer trust. They’ve come to feel safe and supported, and they are comfortable and confident in proceeding with purchases.


Survey-spin: Encouraging customers to participate in your survey takes work, but it’s not as tough if you’ve already built a solid relationship. When they recognize your brand, their positive association will only grow as they understand you value their feedback. One way to make survey participants feel even more confident in participating in your survey is to make it anonymous. They can trust that their answers will be reviewed without revealing their identity, making their feedback even more candid.


3. Inspires Employees

Employees are motivated when they know they are working towards a larger mission. Branding is important for your employees because it lets them know they are part of something bigger. Employees take pride in working at companies with a good reputation, and that goes a long way toward building company morale.


Survey-spin: Regular communication with your staff can be fostered through the use of polls, assessments, and surveys. Employees can offer their insights, frustrations, recommendations, and feedback — all of which is awesome for management because some of the best ideas come from employees. Their job-specific expertise and motivation for the company to succeed mean their recommendations are extremely valuable.

4.Generates Customers

Branding goes a long way toward generating new customers. How challenging would it be to recommend a company if you can’t remember its name? A company with a well-developed brand makes it easy for customers to refer others, which means lots of good buzz, exponential growth, and even more brand ambassadors.


Survey-spin: Sending out a feedback survey to your customers? Use this as an opportunity to reinforce your brand awareness! SoGoSurvey lets you customize survey links through customized URLs or even white labeling, removing SoGoSurvey from the picture completely and leaving your brand front and center.

With SoGoSurvey, building brand recognition and consistency across your projects is simple. If you’re ready to launch a survey, learn more about customizing to showcase your brand. If you’re interested in seeing more, sign up for a free trial!