5 Simple Ways to Transform Your Survey

Whether you’ve spent minutes or days working on your survey, it’s easy to miss a few pieces along the way. Get caught up in content and you ditch design. Focus on flash and you might slack on substance. Before you launch, step back for a look at the big picture, and review these five quick tips to jazz up your survey in minutes.

Add your logo

Including a logo on your survey serves many purposes. First, your survey will look more professional and complete. Also, for those already familiar or becoming familiar with your brand, the logo builds recognition and encourages participation. Finally, the use of your logo itself in repeated projects establishes your brand’s identity and demonstrates your engagement.


Adjust the template colors

Options in the Visual Settings section provide many ways to make your survey look great. Choose from a variety of beautiful system templates or customize the color to match your brand. Plus, upload a custom background image to make the most of the space you have.


Edit the font color, size, and type

While the content of your survey is very important, so is the style. SoGoSurvey allows you full control over the fonts in your survey. Make sure text is clear and legible and conveys the right tone.


Keep it consistent

It’s best to build your survey from scratch right in the SoGoSurvey platform. Avoid copying and pasting content from other locations. Sometimes the original formatting can carry over and that can create inconsistencies. If you need to copy and paste, be sure to use the Paste from Word or Source tools in the edit menu to strip any unnecessary formatting.


Make it appealing

Picking the correct question type will make it easy for participants to navigate through your survey. Be sure you are using different question type to meet your data needs, but also to improve engagement. Avoiding repetitive question types will prevent boredom and possible abandonment.


Want to totally transform your survey? If you’re using one of our paid packages, you already have access to our brand new Spring ‘17 release features – some of the most advanced in the industry. You’ve spent time building your brand – now put it to work for you by building trust and recognition with participants.