7 Ways to Safeguard Your Survey and Ensure Success

1. Brand Your Survey.

Branding gives your surveys instant credibility. You can brand your survey by using the SoGoSurvey color palate, hexadecimal codes, or the website matching templates.

Customizing your opening text provides the participant with necessary information to take your survey.

2. Is the Survey Too Long?

Encourage people to take your survey:

1) Ask the most necessary of questions
2) Use branching
3) Allow people to save responses and return later
4) Offer incentives

3. Do your participants know you?

Rule: The stronger the affinity, the higher the response rate. The lower the affinity, the lower the response rate. Encourage participation:

1) Notify participants prior to launch

2) Sender’s name should be well known

3) Email subject line should not be ambiguous

4) Launch your survey on the appropriate day and time

4. Customize Your Survey Invitation.

Personalize your email invitation using Mail Merge.

Inform participants about:

1) Survey purpose

2) What will be done with collected info

3) Target audience

4) How long to complete survey

5) Saving & printing options

6) Confidentiality & Anonymity

7) Deadline for completion

8) Incentives you are offering

5. Place SoGoSurvey on Your Buddy List.

Ensure delivery of your email invitations. Ensure with your organization’s email administrator that SoGoSurvey emails are not blocked by you organization’s email servers.

6. Should Your Survey Be Anonymous?

Make your survey anonymous and/or confidential if you are asking sensitive questions to encourage participation.

Confidential: Survey Creator can associate response with individual.

Anonymous: Survey Creator cannot associate email or IP address with respondent’s response.

7. Send Test Invites.

Make sure your survey is error free and ready for launch. If you don’t, you risk your survey’s integrity and the overall integrity of your organization. Send test invitations to colleagues for their feedback.