A New Era for Patient Surveys

Patient SurveysTHE DOCTOR (1991), a film starring William Hurt, tells the story of an arrogant surgeon. Although impeccable with his surgical technique, he could care less about what his patients go through. When his perfect world is shattered by a diagnosis of throat cancer, the doctor himself becomes the frightened patient, and he is blown away by the unsympathetic patient experience.

It wasn’t so long ago that patients had little or no power to affect their own medical experience.

Then, a slew of high-profile medical malpractice suits by angry patients made the news. The medical world was galvanized to take a look at itself and question protocol.

Enter a radical solution — the Patient Satisfaction Survey!

The Patient Survey is still an intimidating prospect for doctors and hospital administrators. But slowly, this is changing. Although initially regarded as a necessary annoyance, hospitals and doctor groups have come to depend on patient surveys and respect their value.

A study by the Medical Group Management Association, as reported by Clinical Innovation + Technology  in November 2013 ( found that “nearly 80 percent of medical practices deemed better performers implemented patient satisfaction surveys and did so with more frequency than their counterparts.”

However, one thing that isn’t changing fast enough with Patient Surveys is the use of out-of-date technology coupled by rising costs. Hospitals and physician practices pay budget-battering fees for patient surveys, many of them generating data that’s not as useful as it should be and can be.

It’s Time for Better, More Effective Patient Surveys

The creative software engineers at SoGoSurvey are bridging the gap. They have revolutionized patient surveys by creating an HCAHPS survey (and more) that diminishes the price and uses the latest and best software technology.

The technology part of patient surveys is nothing to sniff at. It’s as vital as cost considerations. New survey technology enables administrators to:

  • Improve response rates by going online
  • Integrate a patient survey with the hospital admission process
  • Make quality improvements quickly
  • Benchmark hospital performance
  • Receive instant alerts regarding negative comments, and
  • Be assured of uncompromising data security.

It’s a new era in patient surveys, sure to improve the patient experience and help hospitals and physician practices do what they do best – practice medicine.

To learn more about these SoGoSurvey healthcare surveys:

  • HCAHPS Survey
  • Employee Engagement Survey
  • Internal Satisfaction with Departments Survey

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Natasha Peterson is a content producer and member of the SoGoSurvey blog team.