Amazon Prime Day: If You Build It They Will Shop

Prime Day was last week and it was a jungle out there – in fact, an Amazon jungle.  Tech giant Amazon kicked off its third annual year of Prime Day on July 10 and has since reported the biggest sales day in company history. They experienced a sales increase of more than 60% compared to last year. Crazy, huh? What’s even crazier is that this is a completely invented “holiday”. I use the term “holiday” loosely because really, what are we actually celebrating?


Amazon created Prime Day in 2015 to celebrate its 20th birthday. Little did they know (or maybe they did?) that it would morph into a larger effort to entice shoppers to become Prime members ($99 annual fee) and provide an opportunity to sell their own products. Some of this year’s most popular themes were for home chefs, techies, and homegoods. This shopping day ended with such success that Amazon said “it’s the biggest day ever” with sales surpassing its 2016 Black Friday and Cyber Monday results. Not too shabby for a self-created shopping holiday!


Amazon was smart. They identified a period of lagging sales and created a plan that has completely turned around business for that quarter. For all you baseball fans, sounds a lot like, “if you build it, they will come”, right? It seems simple and maybe that’s the key. Amazon’s vision is “…to build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to buy online.” [Online] field of dreams, perhaps?  


So, how do we take this lesson and translate it to the survey world? Well, we also believe that surveys should be simple. And when you build a beautiful, smart survey your respondents will come. (See what I did there?) It’s true, though! Well-designed surveys make it easy for your participants to move through the survey and that means better response rates for you.


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