Are You Being Sucker Punched by Your Survey Provider?

Numerous physician groups and hospitals have been using patient surveys for at least a decade. They’ve enjoyed the benefits of Patient Satisfaction Surveys that include biggies such as a decrease in lawsuits and staff turnover alongside increased patient retention and referrals.

Despite those benefits, a huge number of doctor groups, clinics and hospitals do not deploy Patient Satisfaction Surveys. What is holding them back?

sucker punchedIt can’t be skepticism. A growing base of evidence including a 2013 study by the Medical Group Management Association confirms the value of patient surveys. The data showed that physician groups that use patient and staff surveys do better across the board.

It can’t be the mystery of deploying a patient survey. For years now, a number of mainstay firms that cater to physician groups and hospitals are ready, willing and able to do their patient surveys for them. These firms design the patient survey; launch it, and report the results for… are you ready? Tens of thousands of dollars per year. It’s staggering. Some large hospitals pay up to a quarter of a million dollars for a one-year contract with a research firm to conduct their surveys.

So that’s the reason patient surveys get nixed. They cost too much. It’s a crimp in the budget that’s not only unsustainable, it’s unnecessary. That makes the exorbitant cost for patient surveys a sucker punch.

At SoGoSurvey, we think charging doctors and hospitals all sorts of megabucks for survey software is crazy. Here’s why: New technology has changed the way online surveys are created and conducted, which in turn has made the use of patient surveys user-friendly and affordable.

It’s a New Era in Patient Surveys
SoGoSurvey offers medical practices and hospitals three smart, practical, and needed survey templates:  an HCAHPS Survey (the standard in patient feedback for hospitals), an Employee Engagement Survey, and an Internal Satisfaction with Departments Survey.

Survey administrators can use these templates to create surveys that are:
  • Expertly designed and customizable
  • Intelligent for useful feedback
  • Data secure
  • Accessible through multiple channels like smart phones and tablets, and…
  • You got it! LOW-COST.

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By Natasha Peterson, content producer and member of the SoGoSurvey Blog Team.