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Distributing Your Survey: Collecting Lots of Data

If you’ve ever run and managed an online survey, you’ve likely spent time worrying about what questions to ask.While the questions are certainly important, you also need to make sure that your survey reaches a lot of people and that you obtain high-quality data. Over the next few days, we’ll be discussing the importance of: 1.Getting your survey out to…

Why Conduct Online Marketing Research Surveys?

Ever wonder why a marketing survey is so important? Since the internet and mobile technology have made it possible to reach people on the go, marketing surveys are a perfect tool to take your customers’ pulse. Here’s why SoGoSurvey advocates conducting these types of surveys: Revise Product Offerings or Pricing Send an online feedback survey to design effective product improvement…

Writing Effective Survey Questions — Why It’s Important

Nothing contributes to the success of your survey as much as the right survey questions. So, it’s important to spend time crafting your questions. Good questions provide you with high quality, reliable data. On the other hand, poorly structured questions lead to incomplete surveys, unfocused responses and biased results. Such responses will render your research incomplete, inaccurate and ineffective. Here…

Increasing Response Rates for Your Online Surveys

To increase your survey response rates, you must make your survey interesting and interactive. It should be visually engaging and follow certain guidelines: Respect Other People’s Time It is imperative that you respect your survey participant’s time. Make sure your survey is short, crisp and relevant, in addition to providing clearly visible information and instructions. SoGoSurvey’s Pre-Population feature allows you…

From Tech to Touchy-Feely: Using Online Surveys to Build Relationships

In the land before time, conducting surveys was primarily a data driven process. Marketing directors, human resource managers and anyone else who made a living studying human behavior used surveys to turn our thoughts, feelings, ideas and actions into a series of zeroes and ones. With this data, they hoped to learn something about us. What those early survey administrators…




Around 15 years ago, the world of market research underwent fundamental changes. Before this shift, survey creation, distribution and reporting was a time-consuming process. However, as the internet grew in popularity and utility, everything changed — including the way we conduct surveys.

These original survey platforms provided simple, easy-to-use solutions for people concerned mostly with convenience. Today, however, businesses need — and customers demand — much more.

The technology of that time, from the CD player to Nokia phone, has already drifted into nostalgia and kitsch, with many of the early online survey platforms following suit.By failing to keep up with technology, these platforms soon became obsolete.

The era of quick and dirty is over. So is the era of simplicity for simplicity’s sake.

SoGoSurvey is at the cutting edge of the online survey revolution. We giveyou the necessary controls and tools to create customized, engaging surveys, while our distribution module integrates essential marketing and branding concepts. And our reporting mechanism crunches and analyzes your data to best identify significant trends.

At SoGoSurvey, we’re committed to efficiency, effectiveness and affordability. The world of surveys has changed plenty over the last few years. As people demand more, we can only imagine how survey platforms will work in the next 10 years. But, rest assured, SoGoSurvey will still be at the forefront.

Sending out Surveys: It’s All About Timing? Get the Timing Right!

Just like in comedy, successful surveys rely on impeccable timing. To receive the highest possible participation rates, you must pay attention to when you launch your survey. Assuming your target respondents are professionals, here’s our day-by-day rundown:   Monday Why: Inboxes are usually emptier. Why not: Mondays are busy, so taking a survey may not be a high priority. Our…

Top 10 Reasons to Choose SoGoSurvey

With so many online survey tools, it can be hard to decide which survey solution to choose. Appropriating a time-honored tradition from the venerable talk show host David Letterman, we proudly present: Top 10 Reasons to Choose SoGoSurvey We eliminate language barriers. SoGoSurvey’s Multilingual feature allows you to create your survey in up to 32 different languages. This ensures that your survey…

Introduction to SoGoSurvey’s Distribution Report

Analyze your survey like NEVER before using your personal scorecard At SoGoSurvey, our main objective is to ensure that once your survey is launched, it doesn’t just disappear into a black hole. SoGoSurvey’s robust Distribution Report shows you exactly who has received your invitation, who has not and why, and even who has opened the invitation but has not yet…