Time Off: Finding the Balance

Well, it’s been one month since we returned to work from winter break and last night my husband said to me, “After President’s Day in February, our next day off isn’t until Memorial Day in May, right?!” You should have seen the look on his face when I confirmed his suspicion. What is it about vacation and time off that makes us yearn for the next break just as we’re coming off of the last one?

time off balanceEven when you really enjoy your office setting, your teammates, and the work you perform, having time “unplugged” is important and necessary. Companies are learning that the work-life balance is so crucial for happy, health employees that they are offering highly desirable amounts of time off as an incentive to attract and keep talented employees.  

A carefully planned and executed work-life balance strategy is an advantage that contributes to overall employee motivation and results in greater productivity, retention, and innovation. HR managers are getting smart and learning to assess how their employees seek to balance their professional lives with their personal careers and how well they are meeting their goals.

After all, not every employee will value the benefit of time off in the same way. To measure feedback from your employees, consider conducting a Work-Life Balance Survey to get to the core of what employees need, and expect, to experience more balance between their personal and professional pursuits.

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When employers commit to work-life balance initiatives, they reap many benefits: productivity increases, absenteeism drops, and brand perception goes up – a competitive edge when it comes to recruiting top talent. So if you’re ready for insightful data relating to employee perceptions of workload, co-workers, and other important influences of job satisfaction, you’re ready to send a Work-Life Balance Survey.

As for my husband, he’ll just have to daydream about our next vacation until it’s time for an adventure!

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