Big Banks = Big Satisfaction?

While some may have a negative association with ‘Big’ anything [Big Brother, Big Data, Big Whatever], recent studies have shown that Big Banks are overtaking credit unions in customer satisfaction.

Many credit union members may feel their experience is local and personalized, but is bigger better – and do enough members feel that way to make a difference?


Credit unions can enhance their reputation for excellent customer service by connecting with members, asking for feedback, and, most importantly, acting on it. Members feel valued, their loyalty grows, and everyone benefits.  

Credit unions pride themselves on strong member relations, hands-on service, individual attention. Recently, however, Big Banks are delivering the better customer experience. In spite of their size, they stay in touch with their customers’ needs, which allows them to create programs, services and technology that meets customer expectations.

To avoid losing members to large banking institutions, credit unions need to deploy the same approach. SoGoSurvey gives credit unions an easy to use, cost-effective platform to engage members and gather instructive insights about their experience. Send a timely follow-up email after a service interaction. Automate online feedback pop-ups. Regularly distribute detailed surveys targeting long-standing members.

With a multidimensional understanding of the member experience, credit unions can deliver communications, products, and services tailored precisely to their member’s needs and expectations. Just like the Big Banks do.

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