Build a Better Survey – Part II: Can I ask you a question?

Can I ask you a question finalHave you had this conversation before?

Maybe you see the irony, maybe you laugh, or maybe you’re just annoyed. But when it comes to asking the right type of questions, there’s no joking around.

That’s why we are dedicating part II of our “Build a Better Survey” series to crafting the perfect question.

You already read in Part I: Proper Planning that your survey should be concise and direct. The same rule applies to each individual question you ask. Coming up with questions is easy, but there’s art and science behind crafting the right language and structure.

Follow these best practices and you’ll generate lots of responses and great results.

Tell it like it is

Clear, concise questions elicit more precise responses. Check out our list of items to avoid.

Keep it short & sweet

A good rule of thumb is to try not to offer more than 10 answer options per question unless absolutely necessary. Find out how else to keep questions tidy.

Watch your language

It’s amazing how even without meaning to, one simple word choice or phrasing can have a major impact. Avoid these seven common pitfalls.

Bank on sample surveys

You don’t have to be the expert! Check out plenty of great looking templates to get you started and help you avoid any issues with bias.

Ready… Set… Almost

Before you launch have a small group read through your surveys. They’ll easily be able to identify questions that are unclear or answer options you’ve overlooked.

More detailed information about these steps can be found on our full post on LinkedIn.

We’re excited to see how you put these principles into practice. If you ever need help, we’re just a click away!