Build a Better Survey – Part III: Get engaged!

There’s a reason why Instagram is so popular. Pictures are huge! Well, technically, they’re a set dimension, and they’re pretty much square, but really. What’s not to like? Whether it’s kittens or puppies, fancy food or beautiful skyscapes, it’s easy to get engaged with Instagram.

Where else could you get away with posting a pic like this?

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Yep, there’s a survey lesson here.

Even while you’re trying to collect cold hard facts, there’s a lot to be said for a warm and fuzzy approach. Maybe not puppies and kittens, but anything you can do to attract participants and keep them engaged will pay off.

Even while trying to collect cold hard facts, there's a lot to be said for a warm and fuzzy approach. Click To Tweet

Like this:

  • Fun question types: Ask participants to pick between two different images, give a rating on a smiley face scale, or give hearts and stars as ratings (no clovers and blue moons, as of yet).
  • Multimedia: Picture this: Videos, pictures, and anything else you want to illustrate your point (ha!) or build engagement.
  • Custom style: Your survey should look like you. Or at least like your brand. When your participants recognize “Heyyyyy… I know them!”, you’re halfway home.
  • Mobile: Make sure you’ve built a moveable feast we’ve all got places to go! Optimize your display and test on mobile and tablet screens to make sure you’re keeping it clear and clean.

Want more? The full story’s on LinkedIn. Plus, check out Part I and Part II. What’s more, IV is coming soon!

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