Everything you need to build a better survey

SoGoSurvey is packed with design features and question types, but building a better survey comes down to which you use and how you use them. Bells and whistles won’t hold participants’ attention, but a thoughtfully designed survey can dramatically raise response rates.

SoGoSurvey’s “Build a Better Survey” series takes you step by step and point by point through the elements of a stellar survey and how to make yours shine. Whether you have run surveys before, are designing one right now, or are just thinking about it, these tips and best practices will help you position your next survey for success.

The first article in the Build a Better Survey series will teach you how to set goals and plan for the results you want. Then in Part 2, explore how to craft the questions that will yield actionable data. Part 3 reviews in detail the design features and engaging question types that will take your survey from basic to beautiful. Finally, in Part 4, review some of the common mistakes that can affect the quality of your data, the quantity of your responses, and make you question your results.

Remember, every survey is a way to cultivate your relationship with your audience and deepen their bond with your organization, company and/or brand. The choices you make in planning and designing your survey can have a real impact – whether positive or negative – on your reputation. Simply by respecting people’s time, asking only relevant questions, making the process easy and logical, and incorporating engaging visuals and question types, you will build stronger bonds with your audience. Your survey participants recognize the care and effort you put into connecting with them, they appreciate that you value their opinions. When improvements and changes happen as a result of their feedback, let them know. Seeing their thoughts become your actions will engender tons of trust and goodwill.

Make better business decisions by making better surveys. SoGoSurvey is here to help.