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The Pew Research Center is a Washington, D.C.-based, non-partisan think tank that “…informs the public about issues, attitudes and trends shaping America and the world.” It accomplishes much of this through surveys, polls and other types of research.But considering that a majority of American households no longer regularly use a landline — which was the primary way surveys were conducted…

Create Online Surveys the Modern Way

SoGoSurvey’s online survey software was designed to make the survey process easy and efficient. But, while designing, launching and analyzing form the core of this process,our platform was built with power and flexibility so you can do more with your surveys. Here’s a brief overview of our platform modules, including our advanced features that allow you meet the needs of…

More Conversation than Questionnaire

Traditionally, surveys have been used to gain insight into consumer opinion, among other things. While this has worked well in the past, today’s consumers are savvier. They have multiple ways to obtain and share information or voice their opinions. So a survey arriving in their inbox might not garner more than a cursory glance before being sent to the Trash…

Inject Creativity into Your Survey Design

Because the internet has democratized opinion, our thoughts, feelings and ideas have become a valuable commodity. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or Yelp, the ease with which we can publish, access and disseminate information can truly make or break a business. So smart companies have responded by surveying customers and prospects in order to provide better goods and services — arguably,…




Around 15 years ago, the world of market research underwent fundamental changes. Before this shift, survey creation, distribution and reporting was a time-consuming process. However, as the internet grew in popularity and utility, everything changed — including the way we conduct surveys.

These original survey platforms provided simple, easy-to-use solutions for people concerned mostly with convenience. Today, however, businesses need — and customers demand — much more.

The technology of that time, from the CD player to Nokia phone, has already drifted into nostalgia and kitsch, with many of the early online survey platforms following suit.By failing to keep up with technology, these platforms soon became obsolete.

The era of quick and dirty is over. So is the era of simplicity for simplicity’s sake.

SoGoSurvey is at the cutting edge of the online survey revolution. We giveyou the necessary controls and tools to create customized, engaging surveys, while our distribution module integrates essential marketing and branding concepts. And our reporting mechanism crunches and analyzes your data to best identify significant trends.

At SoGoSurvey, we’re committed to efficiency, effectiveness and affordability. The world of surveys has changed plenty over the last few years. As people demand more, we can only imagine how survey platforms will work in the next 10 years. But, rest assured, SoGoSurvey will still be at the forefront.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose SoGoSurvey

With so many online survey tools, it can be hard to decide which survey solution to choose. Appropriating a time-honored tradition from the venerable talk show host David Letterman, we proudly present: Top 10 Reasons to Choose SoGoSurvey We eliminate language barriers. SoGoSurvey’s Multilingual feature allows you to create your survey in up to 32 different languages. This ensures that your survey…

SoGoSurvey – Account admin and usage monitor

SoGoSurvey offers a niche account administration platform for survey planning and monitoring. The minute you sign up, you have access to our complete suite of features, putting you in control of your own planning and monitoring process. With account admin, it’s easy to customize account settings, create sub-accounts, manage and add users, and create and manage your Survey Calendar. You…

Free for All Non-Profits and Academic Institutions

As the most reliable tool for analysis and data collection, online surveys are an integral part of any business or academic institution. At SoGoSurvey, we recognize the critical work being done every day at academic institutions and nonprofits. Therefore, we are pleased to offer our Professional Plan free to all students, faculty and staff members working at academic institutions and…