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Jun 12, 2020

How to Improve Customer Experience in Banking

by Gordon Polovin

The customer journey in the banking market The minute individuals begin thinking about the institution they want to look after their financial transactions and safeguard their assets; the customer journey has started. The customer experience (CX) at every touchpoint along the way will guide him or her or the company to the final destination.   Banks, to no small degree, have lost brand value by becoming commoditized. The opportunities for differentiating customer services are limited when it comes to retaining existing customers and turning prospects into new ones. Strategic decision-makers cannot ignore CX and NPS (Net Promoter Score) as pivotal to their plans. Indeed, NPS surveys are the bottom line indicators of a customer’s willingness to recommend a bank to friends and family. It’s the litmus test of whether or not marketing and sales enablement are getting the job done as expected.   The quality of banking customer services figures into CX and the customer journey through numerous touchpoints. However, it goes a lot further than offering lower fees, higher returns, and new online options. Failure to recognize the valid drivers of CX in a banking scenario will ultimately result in an uninspiring competitive performance. The worst thing coming out of an NPS survey is a picture of more bank detractors than ambassadors. Nothing travels faster than bad news.    So what can bankers do to make sure that each touchpoint keeps propelling existing customers and prospects positively forward to the next one?       Monitor your customer journeys to […]

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