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Jul 22, 2022

How Independent Consultants and Small Firms Can Tackle More Projects

by Patrick Grieve

Many consulting firms are currently enjoying boom times—particularly those that cater to thriving, in-demand sectors. For example, a recent study released by AMA Research found that the risk management consulting market is currently booming globally, with key players like Deloitte, Aon, and Marsh leading the way. But some thriving consulting firms are quickly finding themselves in a “cup runneth over” scenario, as they lack the capacity to take on new projects. This is an especially acute challenge for smaller consulting firms and independent consultants, who can quickly find themselves stretched so thin that they can barely deliver for all of their clients (let alone focus on other aspects of their own business). You never want to be in a position where you have to choose between turning down new clients or providing all of your clients with a lower level of service as your abilities are exhausted. To avoid just such a scenario, try using some of these tactics when you or your consulting firm find that capacity issues and increased demand are becoming overwhelming obstacles. Hire more people We’ll start with the obvious one first: If you’ve got more clients than you can handle, hire more people to help get the job done! Of course, it takes a long time to find and train new consultants. Hiring new ones is anything but a “quick fix.” However, it is a viable long-term solution for your capacity issues, and potentially a good investment in growing your business. If you don’t think you’re […]

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