Customer Experience

Are You Happy with Customers’ Perceptions of Your Brand?

To say that 2016 wasn’t the best of years for tech giant Samsung is probably putting it mildly. After several Galaxy Note 7 smartphones were reported to have overheated, caught fire or exploded—with The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and The Department of Transportation (DoT) banning Samsung’s Note 7 smartphones from all U.S. domestic flights due to safety concerns—Samsung was forced to…

How to Maximize the Power of Your Customer Data

Given that consumer data powers the ability to create personalized experiences, capturing extensive information about customers, on an ongoing basis, is increasingly important. Surprisingly, however, a 2016 Forrester study found most companies don’t regularly measure customer experience (CX) quality, citing:

Build, Measure and Engage with Loyal Customers – It’s Easy

According to Accenture’s 2016 Global Consumer Pulse Survey, 78% of consumers report they are retracting loyalty at a faster pace than three years ago. Additionally, more than half of the most loyal customers actively recommend brands to others, and 14% express their loyalty by publicly endorsing or defending the company via social media. In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, companies must…

Net Promoter Score: The Ultimate Survey Question

Businesses have always sought a crystal ball that would give them insight into their customers’ experience about their company’s products and services.  Over the years many experts have put forward many theories and strategies as how to best capture and measure customer satisfaction. Who knew that one of the best tools for getting this type of insight would involve asking…