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Sep 11, 2019

Dear School Administrator: The Teacher/Principal Disconnect

by Susan Strasser

Heading into a new school year, a teacher shares her hopes for improved communication in an open letter to school principals and administrators.   Dear School Administrator, A simple online search for “teacher-principal relationship” offers a quick look at the many critical topics that impact this relationship: Common Core, educational reforms proposals in political campaigns, charter schools… The list goes on. When I checked in with a colleague returning to the classroom this fall, though, there was only one critical topic: A request for your support. To help keep this simple, here are a few suggestions to help kick off this new school year by bridging the gap between teachers and administrators.   Tip #1: Perfect Attendance We ask this of our students, and it seems fair to ask this of administrators, too. After all, we teachers are working very hard in our classrooms to create a unified, creative learning environment for our students. Kids who are off task, be it disrespectful or disruptive too often, are given many warnings, parent contacts, and perhaps even partial lunch detentions. Barring any emergencies, can you be at weekly student concerns meetings? As you know, the academic and behavioral data presented along with teacher anecdotes, allows for important discussions that identify possible patterns and challenges that may present themselves is invaluable. For me, having this discussion with you helps me isolate variables such as whether this is a singular subject issue or if the student is demonstrating behavioral and/or anecdotal patterns across multiple […]

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K-12/Higher EducationLearning Work-Life Balance: Educating TeachersBack-to-school time is here, and it’s not just stressful for students. Educators want to make the transitions and establishments of routines as seamless as possible...

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K-12/Higher EducationCreate an A+ quiz with these 5 F’sReady to hit the books? Whether you’re pumped for back to school season or not, quizzes always pop! Today, just in time for the new...

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K-12/Higher EducationLet’s Get Practical: A Hands-On Education IntegrationWhile the end of the school year can be a tricky time to keep students engaged, teacher Charles Coleman developed a fun and productive project...

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K-12/Higher EducationLearn It or Lose ItSo, what did you learn this summer? With school buses already back on the streets — not everywhere, but they’re coming! — it’s the perfect...

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K-12/Higher EducationBehind The Numbers Podcast: Episode 1A new podcast, you say? Indeed! There are a few questions we’re always asking, and we’ve decided to put them to the experts in a...

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K-12/Higher EducationNormal-ish II: Develop The Full (Data) Picture“Normal”, you say? This week, we’re breaking down “normal” from two angles that get researchers all tangled up. In Part I, I pointed out that...

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K-12/Higher EducationK-12 Lesson Plan: Using Surveys to Improve Education EffortsIt’s hard enough to be a teacher or educational administrator, nowadays. Educators make a serious time commitment to helping other people, often at less-than-spectacular pay,...

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K-12/Higher EducationSoGoSurvey to the Rescue with a University-wide Survey SolutionSoGoSurvey’s growing client list includes a powerful academic community. Our college and university clients depend on effective surveys because student feedback is mandatory for administrators...

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K-12/Higher EducationBe the Listener-in-ChiefNew survey technology for market research helps business leaders listen to their customers and build trust. By Suhail Farooqui, SoGoSurvey Co-founder The results pop up...

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K-12/Higher EducationSoGoSurvey: Dissertation Research Helps Zoo PrimatesIt’s fascinating for us to learn about all the brilliant ways SoGoSurvey is used for academic and science research. Especially when that research behooves our...

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