A survey for everyone? Yes! Si! Oui!

You’ve put some time and effort into carefully crafting the perfect survey. You’ve written and revised every question and customizes the appearance. But then it hits you. You’re going to be sending your survey to contacts all over the world… and they don’t all speak your language. Getting to people to participate in your survey can be a big enough…

Turn Smart Shoppers into Brand Advocates

Discovering a new company has never been easier. When researching an idea or looking for inspiration, my first stop is Google search. More often than not, I find plenty of guidance from those who’ve gone before. Plenty of suggestions, warnings, and opinions — albeit from complete strangers — are always close at hand. This has become such a reliable method…

How A Matrix Grid Can Boost Response Rates

In my last blog, Survey Language 101: Say What You Mean, I recommended breaking down complex ideas into several questions and introduced the Matrix Grid as a good option to accomplish this. Let’s dive in a little deeper and explore some more advanced options that will help you further simplify your survey.

When, Why, and How to Use Weighted Scores in Survey Rating Questions

Even the most basic survey tool lets you measure responses using a ranking or rating scale. For instance, it’s common to use satisfaction or importance scales (e.g. “very important” to “very unimportant”) or recommendation scales (“How likely are you to recommend us to a friend?”). Sometimes, however, your data analysis can benefit from applying weighted scores to the answers during…