Feature Focus

How Data Pre-Population Can Improve Your Surveys

Most of the time, conducting a survey is a fairly standard process: You assemble a set of questions to ask respondents, cajole them into taking the time to answer, and then dive into the results to discover tiny flashbulbs of enlightenment that help you make better decisions. That’s great – but sometimes we can do more than the basics. Among…

Anonymous Surveys are Anonymous

There are survey tools out there that claim to run anonymous surveys for you. And then there’s SoGoSurvey that truly offers an anonymous survey. We guarantee it. We ensure that SoGoSurvey will not track respondent’s email address, the geo-location or IP address, the time of participation or anything that can remotely link the response to a respondent in an anonymous survey.…

Survey Features That Matter: Rules & Alerts

Gone are the days when people would patiently wait for something to unravel, which is why letters, carriages, and camera rolls have become a thing of the past. To keep up with people’s impatient speed, SoGoSurvey introduced Rules & Alerts – a convenient way to keep up with your surveys. SoGoSurvey’s Rules & Alerts feature is a boon for those…

SoGoSurvey Online Forms

You probably already know that SoGoSurvey offers a leading online survey software. Do you know that it also provides a very versatile and powerful Web Form software? Online forms are easier to create than you might think. Just take a look at this short video and find out what you can do with SoGoSurvey Forms!

Do Survey Creators Live in the Matrix?

If you’ve used a matrix grid, it’s probably your favorite question type. For those who aren’t familiar with the matrix grid, all you need to know is that this single question type is capable of gathering much more information than any other question type out there. Here are some tips on how to use matrix grid in your surveys, straight…

Shrink Your Survey By Choosing The Right Question Types – Part 1

The length of your survey can scare a lot of people from completing the survey. There are 2 easy ways to reduce the survey length.

1. Eliminate irrelevant questions: Focus only on questions that would yield the insight that you are looking for. How to do that is a topic for another blog. In this blog, I’ll share a second and a quick way to reduce your survey length.

2. Choose the right question types: I come across many surveys that have the right questions but the wrong question types.

For instance, here’s a survey asking a series of questions that have the same answer options. They are laid out one after the other.

Compare the above survey with the one below. It’s the same survey but uses a Matrix Grid question type to reduce the length of the survey. It makes for quick participation and drives up the response rate.


Communication Matters: Building Buzz

Sometimes, increasing the response rate of a survey comes down to communication, communication, communication. Communication allows you to explain the importance of the survey and how the results of the survey will impact the life of the participants. Communication gives you an opportunity to initiate conversations and create a buzz for the survey. Communication sets expectations and promotes transparency. In…