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Aug 01, 2022

Retail Stores Should Have Websites—Even Without eCommerce

by Jake Burgess

If you listen to all the noise on the internet, you’d probably believe that brick-and-mortar retail was sleeping with the fishes. “If you’re not selling online and scaling to new markets with fast-deployment growth strategies and a cutting-edge digital experience, you’re dead!” Now if you’re actually in the physical store game, you know that’s not quite right. Think of a company that sells totally bespoke furniture: selling online would be impractical to the point of impossibility. Never mind the fact that 33% of Americans don’t make online purchases. According to research, more than 55% of today’s consumers like to see or try an item in person before buying. What this means is that, for your business, investing in full-blown eCommerce might not only be expensive, but tragically unsuccessful. But the power of websites is not limited to eCommerce businesses. Just because you don’t sell online doesn’t mean your business can’t grow faster and make more money by being online. When eCommerce doesn’t work There are a ton of scenarios where retailers cannot easily leverage eCommerce and, frankly, where eCommerce is a poor strategic choice. Imagine the bespoke furniture maker we mentioned. If the products are all made to order, an online ordering process leaves huge room for misinterpretation. When costs are custom, it’s a much easier sell in person than online. If they only ship domestically and can’t capitalize on the “global” nature of online selling, it doesn’t make sense to give the whole world eyes on the products. And […]

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