Chain Invites

Give Your Surveys the Viral Effect

Here at SoGoSurvey, we take pride in our robust, user-friendly platform. And, with our Chain Invites feature, you can help spread the word to friends of your friends. Each person you invite can invite up to 10 other friends. Then those 10 friends can invite 10 more friends . . . and so on and so on.

What are Chain Invites?

-    As the name signifies, Chain Invites enables you  to invite people to participate in your survey whose email addresses you don’t have.
-    With Chain Invites, each person you invite can invite an additional 10 people. Before you know it, your survey will have gone viral.

Steps to Implement Chain Invites:

Step #1:

Online Survey Software

a) Go to ‘Design a Survey’ & Click on ‘Create New.’

b) Fill in the Survey Basic Details and then click on ‘Next.’

c) Fill in the Survey Type Details and then click on ‘Next.’

d) Fill in the Survey Language Details and then click on ‘Next.’

e) Fill in the Survey Properties Details, enable the ‘Chain Invites’ feature by selecting ‘Yes’ and then click on ‘Next.’

Step #2:

a) Go to ‘Launch a Survey,’ select a survey and click on ‘Customize Invite’ under the ‘Customize Email’ tab.

b) Now Customize the Invite as per your needs and then copy/paste the ‘Chain Invite’ text in your ‘Email Content.’ Once you have customized the invite, you can send the survey to your contacts.

c) Once your contacts receive the survey invitation, they can then send that same invitation to 10 more people from their contact lists by filling in the required details.