Choosing the Best Online Survey Software — Out with the Old, In with the New

Long ago at SoGoSurvey, we saw the writing on the wall. Quick and dirty survey tools were everywhere and tended to focus on questionable data collection.

Today, with surveys capable of so much more, we provide you with a survey software tool that not only makes you an instant expert, but also helps you build relationships with your participants. While our competitors seem content to add a new coat of wax and call their old car new, we remain under the hood, constantly improving our product.

Here are a few things to consider before making your choice between old and new:

Are you serious?

Surveys are now serious business. And smart businesses are leveraging the power of surveys to brand themselves and reach a wider number of people. Ask your personal and professional contacts if they’d rather receive a survey link with a smiling chimp in the URL or one branded with their own unique URL and logo.

It’s a no-brainer.

Look beyond basic attributes.

You could merely compare basic attributes such as features, pricing, support options, delivery options and question types. But why just design, collect and analyze when you can do so much more?

You’re selling yourself short if you’re not using your surveys to build loyalty and trust. Loyalty and trust are created by having a platform with built-in controls that allows you to send Chain Invites, prevent Ballot Box Stuffing and eliminate GIGO. Our survey software can do this — and so much more.

Pricing is the thing — but not the only thing.

Money matters. But so does quality. While our competitors have relied on quick, dirty and cheap, we offer quick and quality at a lower cost. Our packages include features that build loyalty and trust between you and your participants, such as Rules & Alerts, Customized URLs and Response Rate Analysis.

Choosing the best online survey software means moving past the mantra of “Create surveys to get answers.” That is not a forward-looking point of view.

SoGoSurvey understands that what worked then will not work now. The stakes are too high to use an unserious survey tool.