Collect and Reflect: Our 2017 #FavoriteThings

How’s your year wrapping up?

It’s been a pretty big one here. We’ve been pushing and growing, testing and experimenting. We’ve got a lot of cool stuff already happening, and plenty of other goodies in the pipeline. There’s really a lot to look forward to.

Before we get too ahead of ourselves, though, the end of the year’s an excellent time to pause and reflect. Really, obviously, any time is a good time to reflect. Every teacher knows reflection is a critical part of the learning process. Every parent knows the importance of asking a child to stop and think about what’s just happened. Self-reflection, though, can be just as critical. With so much rushing to get to the next thing, we miss a lot of what’s actually happening. Know better! Learn better! Reflect more!

Okay, that’s all the advice. Let’s not get too heavy here.

This month, we’re running a series on Instagram to reflect on some of our favorite things of 2017. Simple enough! From hashtags to new products, big world news to SoGoLive moments, we’re sifting through the year to show some love, learn some more, and just plain entertain everyone.

Anything you’d like to see added? We’d love to know! Get social with us @SoGoSurvey and share the good word.

And what are you reflecting on this year? Whether it’s The Exciting Adventures of SoGoSurvey or All About You, awesome. Do that thing.

Take your time. Make your moments count.

Happy 2017!


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