Conducting Surveys in the Post-Information Age

The Information Age was characterized by easy access to previously hard to get information. This period was fueled by the increased use of personal computers and the widespread use of the internet. And in the post-information age, we lead an even greater percentage of our lives online, and “Googling” has become a verb.Online Survey Tool

Dr. Joseph Lopez partly defines the post-information age as the ability to “assemble ad-hoc networks of information through various mediums and sources.” Helped by the creation of massive online data repositories such as Wikipedia, the “Google” generation has the ability to observe, analyze and synthesize ideas at an amazing rate.

The ability to acquire and interpret information has overtaken the need to possess information.

What does this mean for survey research? It means we no longer have use for survey tools that only design, collect and analyze. It means being able to quickly crunch and disseminate data, while maintaining data integrity. It means being able to respond rapidly to consumer complaints and problems. It means being able to merge your data in order to identify and respond to important trends.

Consumers are more connected and tech savvy than at any point in history.

SoGoSurvey understands that you must keep pace with your customers in order to retain them. Social Media Integration, Rules & Alerts and Data Integrity are just a few of the features we provide that help you compete in today’s post-information world.

Information is still important. But in the post-information age, it’s the ability to use this information proactively instead of re actively that separates successful companies from those that fail.