Do you create delightful experiences for your customers?

In the drive to create delightful experiences and exceed customer expectations, companies begin to believe their own hype – in fact, 89% of customer service managers believe they are “exceeding customers’ expectations”. Yet 84% of customers interviewed didn’t agree.

While it’s a tried-and-true measurement, judging satisfaction with individual interactions is not a good way to predict overall satisfaction. In fact, high customer satisfaction doesn’t guarantee loyalty. The representative the customer spoke with may have indeed rated a 5 on the CSAT scale, but going around and around on the automated system, waiting on hold, answering questions multiple times made the experience miserable. No expectations exceeded here. No loyalty gained, either. In fact, your customer might be considering an alternative – a competitor.

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How do you find out if customers are loyal or just satisfied? SoGoSurvey CX includes the most important customer service metrics – NPS, CES and CSAT – so you can ask the right questions and see the bigger picture.

Measuring customers impressions along their journey and comparing those to the actions they take will help you focus on the right things to keep your customers on your side.

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