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As a data analyzer, marketer, advertiser, sales manager or  business owner, there will come a time when you’ll need to create online surveys and polls in order to gather accurate data. Fortunately, in today’s constantly changing digital world, it’s becoming easier and easier to create these kinds of surveys, with no expertise in survey creation or market research required. A quick online search will reveal a number of user-friendly options.

SoGoSurvey offers a planned and easy-to-use platform that helps you quickly create professional surveys and polls. Our survey designing suite includes a range of dynamic question types, custom templates, advertising, graphic and distribution tools, and numerous other intelligent features to ensure that your unique survey design needs are effectively met. Choose from over 17 types of questions — including single select, multiple select, rating scales and matrix grid, to name just a few.

SoGoSurvey’s step-by-step guide walks you through our entire platform — in the four categories of design, launch, reports and data management — detailing our array of features and highlighting our software’s usability.

SoGoSurvey’s advantage is our focus on research & development; we’re committed to  continuous improvement and innovation.

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