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Okay, admit it. You took the “Which Disney princess are you?” quiz the second it showed up on your Facebook. Not long after, as you were contemplating yours and the Little Mermaid’s sense of adventure, you took more quizzes and found out what Muppet you were, which city you should live in, and which Game of Thrones character you are, ending up with a newfangled vision of yourself somewhere along the lines of Cookie Monster eat dragons in Miami.

Then you thought up your own quiz. But how to create it?

Glad you asked. Answer: SoGoSurvey. We provide next-generation software and features that make quiz creation a breeze.

Online Quiz

Online Quiz

Thousands of teachers and trainers across the globe already use SoGoSurvey for student quizzes and employee training. However, with quizzes climbing up to a whole, new level of popularity, a clever quiz is a great way to engage website visitors, event attendees and social media followers. They’re fun and hard to resist.

Here are five SoGoSurvey features you’ll love using for your quiz:

*     Embed Multimedia. Easily add images, videos or attachments to your quiz.
*     Mobile Ready. Your quiz can be clearly accessed anywhere on mobile devices, or embedded on your website or blog.
*     Automatic Timing and Answers. Set time limits and/or reveal the answers immediately.
*     Email Invitations. Send out email invitations for your quiz, and link it on the invite.
*     Powerful Analytics. Track participants, and view group and individual results.

A friend of mine linked a quiz to her family reunion invitation called “How well do you know GrandDad Dave?” It included ten fun and amazing facts about the family’s patriarch. When the quiz winner and all the answers were revealed at the reunion, it was the hit of the party.

By Natasha Peterson, content producer and member of the SoGoSurvey blog team.

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