Designing a Creative Survey

One of the joys of discovery is seeing the familiar in a new way. With the aid of the powerful Hubble Space Telescope, astronomers have recently learned that what they considered just another gas giant like Jupiter is actually much more fascinating.

Online Survey ToolCarl Franzen, writer for The Verge, describes it as “. . . another blue planet, and on this world, instead of water, it likely rains glass — and sideways at that, thanks to the planet’s unfathomably strong 4,500 mile-per-hour winds.” According to a physicist quoted in the article, the unique nature of the planet’s silicate cloud has led to the study of a completely new field of atmospheric physics.

The planet is composed of many of the same elements as Earth. But, because of a variety of circumstances, they combined to create a previously unfathomable world: a planet with a condensed, reflective glass atmosphere.

Considering how nature constantly manages to surprise us, we should aspire to make the mundane a little more exciting.

When it comes to survey design, there are many ways to design a more creative, appealing survey. Whether you’re a long-time SoGoSurvey user or new to our platform, here are a few design features that will inject some much-needed novelty into your surveys.

1. Advanced Survey Layout

This feature allows you to add columns and rows, which create a pleasing layout that maximizes space.

2. Customized Look and Feel

Customize everything from fonts to headers and footers. With the ability to use custom colors and add logos, you have the freedom to design a survey that suits your nature.

3. Embed Multimedia

Adding multimedia to your question and answer options provides a jolt of unexpectedness that will keep your respondents engaged.

Almost everyone is familiar with the traditional survey format. But there’s no rule that says you can’t make survey design new, fresh and fun.