Distributing Your Survey: Leveraging Distribution Channels

Yesterday, I wrote about the range of channels SoGoSurvey offers to help you collect large amounts of data.

Now let’s talk about ways to leverage your distribution channels to collect even more data.

Use Chain Invites to Maximize the Network Effect

No matter how hard you try, you’ll never compile email addresses for everyone you want to invite. So why not ask the people whose addresses you do have to invite their friends? Chain Invites allow your participants to invite up to 10 of their own contacts to take your survey.

Go Social
People are spending more and more time on Facebook and Twitter. If they see a survey in their timeline, chances are they’ll take it. With SoGoSurvey’s Social Media Integration, you can publish your surveys where your friends and their friends will see them. Then just sit back and watch this powerful network effect go to work for you.

Go Mobile
Mobile is the new internet. If your survey requires people to be hunched over a desktop, you might as well stamp “Dinosaur” right on your invitation.Doctors, dentists, hospitals, banks, schools, training staff, HR professionals — everyone is leveraging the power of tablets and mobile devices. Managers are even running quick SMS-based surveys before, during and after meetings to ensure everyone’s engaged in the agenda and on the same page. And SoGoSurvey’s platform ensures that your surveys are formatted perfectly for today’s smaller mobile screens.

Embed in Websites
Create a different link or script for each website to track and analyze the data separately, or simply merge it all together. This tracking report will let you know which site is driving the most traffic and which sources need to be replaced.

Check back tomorrow to learn how best to use your distribution channels to collect reliable, high-quality data.