Do Survey Creators Live in the Matrix?

If you’ve used a matrix grid, it’s probably your favorite question type. For those who aren’t familiar with the matrix grid, all you need to know is that this single question type is capable of gathering much more information than any other question type out there.

Here are some tips on how to use matrix grid in your surveys, straight from our survey experts:

1. Group questions with similar answer options in a matrix-grid to reduce your survey’s length.

2. Avoid matrix grid questions with more than five rows. When presented a grid with many rows, respondents usually tend to choose the same response for every sub-question.

3. You can limit the number of sub-questions in a matrix grid by getting rid of topics of low priority or by incorporating skip logic.

4. Use different background colors for alternate rows of a matrix grid question. It makes it easier for participants to focus on individual sub-questions.

5. Avoid matrix grid questions when designing surveys for mobile devices. They come with extra horizontal space, which can frustrate participants.