Don’t Create another Online Survey without These Features: Part 1

You need to send out a new survey at work. What are you feeling – a sense of drudgery? If yeah, it’s likely the survey software you use is on par with tech’s Stone Age: primitive, rigid, and frustrating. You’re missing out.

Welcome yourself to three smart, essential features that take frustration out of creating surveys. Whether your online survey tool is free or fee-based, if they’re not included, move on and switch.

Advanced Design and Layout

When it comes to design, most survey tools are inflexible and limit you to an ugly, generic boxy look. Forget that. Your survey needs visual appeal that intrigues participants and boosts your response rate. Advanced Layout and Design features allow you to customize the look and feel of your survey including fonts, headers, and footers. You can insert your logo, use your brand colors and add columns and rows for an attractive layout that maximizes space. You can even embed multimedia.  Adding multimedia to your question and answer options provides a jolt of surprise that will keep your respondents engaged. Anyway, it’s fun to tap into your inner creative.

Secure Collaboration for Multiple Users

It’s been real data security mess for survey teams:  password sharing, confusion, multiple licensing, duplicated efforts and snooping. Secure Collaboration for Multiple Users straightens all that out. It allows teams to create surveys collaboratively, as well as enforce control over who can access certain features or view reports. For example, a survey designer wouldn’t have access to launch the survey or department heads might only be able to access results. It lets you add additional users to a single account with individual logins and passwords. Secure Collaboration for multiple Users is a boon for effective teamwork and protecting data privacy.

Advanced Branching with Skip Logic

If you’ve been restricted to simple branching, you’ve probably been wasting your participants’ time and not even know it. Simple branching leads to irrelevant questions, lack of trust, lower response rates, and useless data. Enjoy the upgrade because Advanced Branching with Skip Logic is one of the most powerful conveniences offered by online surveys. It provides a smooth, directed survey experience by allowing you to route respondents around irrelevant questions based on their answers to previous questions. Use it and you’ll never go back to simple branching.

It used to be that these features were only offered by high-end (a.k.a. overpriced) survey software companies, but not anymore.

Come back for Don’t Create Another Online Survey Without These Features Part 2 where we’ll talk about Guaranteed Anonymity, Pre-population and Distribution Via Multiple Channels.