What do I have to do to get a strategy around here?

Get this: 90% of leaders think an engagement strategy has an impact on business success — but barely 25% have a strategy.

Disconnect? Definitely. Opportunity? Indeed.

Most leaders understand that high employee engagement translates to better business. In practice, though, they’re not always sure how to measure engagement or improve it, so a meaningful strategy never comes together.

For employees to feel engaged, they need to be engaged. Gathering employee feedback is a solid start. Rather than relying solely on one massive annual survey, though, consider conducting more frequent, targeted surveys to learn what employees need to feel more engaged.

90% of leaders think an engagement strategy impacts business success — but barely 25% have one. Click To Tweet

For instance, you might reach out at the close of a project, or after a change in management to better understand employees’ experiences and opinions on specific issues. Specific feedback lets you take targeted follow-up action, which employees will be sure to notice. Engagement goes up when employees believe their employer values their feedback and is willing to implement solutions.

SoGoSurvey can help you develop a balanced survey program that combines in-depth employee experience data with timely, focused insights you can use to pinpoint opportunities to improve operations, communication, and overall business performance.

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