Engagement In 3 Simple Steps

Sure, we talk a lot about surveys, but engagement is really a big deal. And on this special day, we make the most of both topics with a sweet double-delivery:

1. Know your audience

Let’s assume that you already know who you’re connecting with. Propose to a total stranger – just like reaching out a participant group that doesn’t know you – and you’ll probably get the cold shoulder, at best!

Once you’ve picked the right special someone (significant other, group of employees, new customers), consider how well you really know this audience.

  • Is this the right time?

    Engagement comes in different flavors...

    What excites your audience?

  • Have you earned their trust?
  • Is this someone who can give you the response you’re looking for?


2. Make it special

Again, this depends a great deal on your audience. Does glitz and glamour and work, along with flashy incentives? Or, is this an audience that really wants to see your sensitive side, to understand your thought process and get to know you better along the way?

Plus, how will you present yourself? Fancy style and customized invitation, or subtle text for the minimalist approach? Looks matter, especially as you make your case.

  • What will appeal to my audience?
  • How can I create the right atmosphere?
  • Can I make my case in a way that encourages this special someone?


3. Pop the question

It’s obvious: You can’t know if you don’t ask. In sports, it’s why we play the game. In love, it’s the risk we hope is worthwhile. In surveys, it’s the thirst for insight that’s only quenched by data. (Too much?)

Not to get too dramatic, but every little bit matters. Words count. It makes a difference whether you lead with “My dearest darling” or “Hey, you”. Timing counts. If you ask while they’re asleep, you’re not as likely to get a response. You get the idea.

  • What exactly will you ask, and how?
  • How will you know the moment is right?
  • Are you ready for the follow-up?
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That last bit — preparing for what’s next — is a big piece. It’s not like you suddenly have to have your whole future planned out, but engagement is just the start. It would be nice to know what a celebration might look like (Popping some bubbly?) or how to deal with disappointment (Tearing of garments or gnashing of teeth?). Of course, if you’ve done everything right along the way, it’s pretty likely you’ll end up with the results you’re hoping for.