4 Features You’re Going to Love in SoGoSurvey’s Spring ’17 Release

We are excited to release our latest edition of SoGoSurvey and wanted to give you a look at some of the new features that will soon be available to you!

Enhanced branding control and customization
Increase response rates with more attractive surveys and forms that reflect you and your brand.

Spring Release Branding Control updatedCustomize everything you see, including background and controls — even on mobile!

Enhanced and secure forms can easily be embedded on your website to collect information from friends, fans, and followers.



Symbol Rating
Businessman hand giving five star rating, Feedback concept

This question type is a visual Rating Scale question. You can choose from 6 different symbols (star, dollar sign, check mark, heart, thumbs-up, person) to best represent the scale.


Use CAPTCHA questions to safeguard your forms and surveys and from spam bots and make sure your responses are coming from real people.

CaptchaParticipants will be required to simply click on a check box to validate themselves and proceed. This question is very easy on humans but impossible for bots to bypass.


Image Choice
This question type comes in handy when you want participants to pick the right picture(s).

Work Life Social Life ShoesWork Life Social Life ShoesFor example: Your store is considering a new line of shoes and you’re looking for input from your most frequent shoppers.

You can ask them to select the shoe that most closely matches their style.



We’re excited, and we hope you are, too! More information will be coming to you soon but if you’re interested in learning more today, click here to set up a demo with a SoGoSurvey expert.