From Tech to Touchy-Feely: Using Online Surveys to Build Relationships

In the land before time, conducting surveys was primarily a data driven process. Marketing directors, human resource managers and anyone else who made a living studying human behavior used surveys to turn our thoughts, feelings, ideas and actions into a series of zeroes and ones. With this data, they hoped to learn something about us.

What those early survey administrators failed to identify, however, is why people take surveys in the first place.

We want our voices to be heard. And we want them to matter.

The move from paper to online surveys over the past decade has allowed companies to not just reach a broader, more diverse audience, but to also build strong relationships with customers and potential customers.

SoGoSurvey is all about cultivating those relationships.

The recent advances in technology have created a consumer base that craves personal attention in all facets of their lives.With SoGoSurvey, you can easily identify, track and reward your most loyal customers, while collecting powerful, invaluable data. Our personalized invitations and customized thank you notes are just two features to help you engage your audience.

It’s time to move beyond the data to build lasting relationships.