Get to know your employees with a survey

employee satisfaction surveyEmployee surveys are a great way for employers to identify areas of workplace satisfaction and dissatisfaction. A well-designed survey allows employers to discover their employees’ needs, as well as areas that require improvement.

The first and foremost step to take before designing an employee survey is to communicate that all responses are confidential and that the data gathered will be used to improve the workplace. The second step is to have a planned method for asking questions. The best approach is to have a small group of employees determine the question topics. These questions will relate to the perceived likes, dislikes and challenges your employees might experience.

Conducting survey processes at your workplace is also a good practice. By conducting surveys offsite or through external focus groups, you might send the message that it is not “safe” to talk about employee satisfaction at the company. On the contrary, your message should clearly state that the company cares about what your employees think and that you’re providing the space and privacy necessary for their participation.

It’s critical when conducting employee surveys to maintain access and control of your data. This is easily achieved by using an online survey platform which helps you create the survey, invite participants, track responses and analyze feedback. An online survey platform also ensures that responses and data are compiled and presented in the required format. These tools, which are included for no additional costs, help you reach out to a larger number of participants.

Find out what your employees really think about your company’s workplace and culture with a well thought-out and well-designed Employee Satisfaction Survey.